Crippling Lack

by David Thomas Broughton

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  • Crippling Lack - David Thomas Brougthon
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    Three records, three labels, three continents.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Crippling Lack via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Crippling Lack via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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Crippling Lack: On firing up over the slight when the substantial is most definite, apparent, and poised to smack. On walks by the upper Mersey, glass-eyed, both conquered, terrified, with the sweat on our backs. On cradling each other, on battling through and making do, spending money on credit since I got the sack. On forgiveness and tempered sentiment, open to suggestion, but too timid to ask. Throat of a horse and crippling lack. On sparkling and dew-cheeked, a plumped cushion of hope blocking rigid reality and the parallel track.
Beast 05:49
Beast : Sun picks out pale warblers on willow and painted ladies pausing on perches, before pairing clumsily and padding on the breeze. Wrapped in Earth's diurnal course with rocks, and stones, and trees. Ravaged as we are some day by some sort of disease. To the one new young friend we have: Almost inaudible sounds come through like sirens to your ears. You have to watch yourself if you want to be taken seriously. You are always showing your age. To one of the many people I regret not showing more attention to: I am not the trained health specialist with the beautiful dark skin. I'm simply the friend you once had, Simon, come to see the state that you're in. If you can't be forgiving then you can't be my friend. We drink 'til we're drunk and we walk 'til we bend. My love is something that comes with no question, but you insist on it's dissection. My love is a stone that has known no attrition. Have been left with nothing but blanks of uncertainty. How could you have seen future in the futility of love? How could you have seen something that was not? When we would become the beast with two consciences.
Words of Art 07:19
Words Od Art : These words they come from the heart, from the heart that beats in you. They are merely words of art, not the whole fucking truth I will be a loving devotee, and you can be the hungry beast I feed. A man like me if an infidel, would much prefer your sister... Than spend his time a fraternising with another mister. What luck to have struck upon some basic beauty. It is reprehensible to behold, And downright unholy What struck me as beauty you now defend with your license. This is and unreachable peach, I don't uphold a pretence. What are days and weeks and months and years, if not the counts of ageing? So while the crowds are gone and the floor is clear, let's dance while to our graves we're racing. With my son and my wife, there is a life yet to have been. For you to take it would be obscene.
Silent Arrow 09:19
Silent Arrow I'm not the monster I'm painted to be, I'm good right to my bones. I have not inherited your wisdom, I've gone out on my own. Ploughed a furrow, why do we play these games? Pause for a thought. And so it goes. The most ordinary thing on Earth, a cloud has ruptured above us. A crack in the skin over our town, a spell in the air that we breathe. There was a time when I was the only thing that didn't make you sad. Now you're sad all of the time and I can't alter that. A fever dips into your heart like a silent arrow. Complicates any signs of joy with a blanket sorrow.
Dots 09:22
Dots Dots upon dots upon dots of patient fretwork. A persistent fight in the hope that all the drugs that you are not taking are not limiting your potential. Your potential, as you contemplate the balance you have set between the moral high-ground that you occupy and the depths of creativity into which you have not plunged. But, of course you can think too much, I've always told myself. And, of course, I worry myself over some imagined lack of freedom, I have imposed upon myself, fully aware that it is ridiculous in this context.
River 03:52
River A river is led seaward and bended by it's father's channel so deep in the valley. And I stretched my language to the edge of savoury, cursing the life that I've landed. And as I approach the age of thirty,father I'm closing in on you. I have come to appreciate, things have crystallised, we all have the same dispositions. Some people are straight, and some are not, we all have potential within us. Some people muster much more motivation, while others we languish frustrated. And if I were to grab the arm of another, as they did rise to a position of status, would it be the hanger or the hangee whom has achieved? And would to sell the story of a journey, although the journey be under someone else's steam, be reason enough to place oneself in an important position? In short I feel redeemed and empowered, despite suffering my old constitutions. A river is led seaward, and bended, by it's father's channel so deep in the valley.
Concrete Statement Spend a long time waiting for some hard-boiled words,some concrete statement. Such jellied, opaque promises will be nothing come the sun. Your tatty cloth remarks are never sewn into anything that I can wear. I can be relied upon to jump at other chances. Just as you're relied upon to offer no advances. Shingle underfoot, the wind it bites on empty beaches. The salted spray pecks at your face, and you screw up your features. The sun spits out of rolling grey, and lights the sea on the horizon. I struggle with the concepts that you spread on our conversation.
I Close My Eyes I know you can hold the beat of another man's heart. Just as I can feel the fire of another man's fist. And I know that there are things that I should start. And I assure you it's not another's boat I harbour. Each characteristic of mine, that curls the very spine, of this love, of these lives that have entwined,is duly proffered in each and every song. I close my eyes and it all goes wrong. I exist, permanently, under a cloud of intention. Sisters of sister's friends become the fleck of terror in your revery and half-sleep dreams. Tongue the roof of your mouth,your fists would find a punchbag,if it were present. My attitude to love is like my teenage attitude to sex: I know what it is, and I know I have potential. But I don't know, I don't know precisely where it goes.
Gulf 05:39
Gulf There is a gulf that I have opened into which all your trust in me fell. There is a gulf that you have opened, into which all my trust in you fell. For every crime that I'm blamed for every weakness in my bones. I don't blame you for any, but I don't care for your bones. For every death among the children, every day that I'm alone. I just want to ensure that you don't step into my home I bring to you no autumn joy, the wind it whistles merrily. You bring to me no autumn joy, the wind it cuts and bites me deep The leaves are crisp and brown and dry, oh winter, winter won't you come on me. The day has left me intensely annoyed, oh winter, winter won't you come on me I'm not so fond of talking when I left town it was in the storm of an argument. We really should have talked it though, I did not want to have an argument. I was a glass-eyed boy and I had cracked the glaze on my doll of china You were a weak willed debater, you have hurt me and you know. Amazingly the integrity remains intact, the doll still stands but somehow much finer. But I have perspective on the situation, I will not let this become a low. What I know about this feeling I knew before I met you. It's simply that our meeting has proven all of this to be true. What I know about this feeling I knew before I met you, but it is simply that your leaving has proven all this to be true.
Beast Without You (I came all this way for nothing) The horrid thought, the muscular build, the rampant lie, the feeling ill, the sickly child, the growth to manhood, the worried mother, the thought that I could become such a beast without you. Such silliness, such silliness. Come into my arms. Sweet child, sweet innocent. No trouble shall thee harm.
Plunge Of A Dagger Such a token is a rather brittle device, to say “I won't take you of my sight”. I recognise all that I cannot provide, worthless whimsy if you like. And protectionism is hard to pull off. We are at risk every moment of being taken. It all ends with the plunge of the dagger. There are waves of content that crash ashore, and a simplicity that is blackness creeps over all.


Crippling Lack est album transcontinental, sortant en triple LP, sur trois labels distincts : Song, By Toad Records (Edinburg, Ecosse), le Noize Maker Records (Lens, Pas de Calais, France) et Paper Garden records (Brookling, Etats Unis)

L’album Crippling Lack fut enregistré en France durant la tournée européenne de David Thomas Broughton en 2012, à l’époque où il vivait à Pyongyang en Corée du Nord. Beaucoup de musiciens ont contribué à l’album en composant et en envoyant des enregistrements via internet. C’est ainsi que Beth Orton, Sam Amidon, Luke Drozd, Ichi, Rachel Dadd et Aidan Moffat, et beaucoup d’autres musiciens, ont apporté leurs contributions à partir de leurs pays respectifs. Crippling Lack c’est créée et à pris forme entre la France, la Corée du Nord, l’Angleterre et les Etats Unis.

Cet album est un hommage au réseau de la musique fièrement indépendante et DIY, et témoigne de ce que des personnes d’horizons différents, dispersées aux quatre coins du globe, peuvent accomplir ensemble à travers le monde en travaillant sur le même projet. Un album vraiment spécial, rare et précieux.

Ce triple vinyle est une bête massive et tentaculaire, rassemblant des morceaux pop faussement abordables, des pièces démêlées, se désintégrant en fragments sonores à peine structurés, jusqu’à tisser lentement tout ces fils, un peu lâches, pour conclure un récit euphorique et troublant sur un contrepoint parfait avec un chant bouleversant qui incarne la dichotomie, qui rend cet album si beau. Ce monologue intérieur, bizarrement menaçant et qui constamment déraille les morceaux de la vraie beauté.


“Broughton’s magnum opus, Crippling Lack is an impressive feat. Cohesive and flowing along to a sophisticated backing, sonorous with the artist’s venerable travailed voice, and his acerbic foils wit. The album’s scope is immense even though it meanders to a, mostly, folk signature and gentle accompaniment. It is nothing short of outstanding.”

Crippling Lack developed over three years with producer Raphaëlle Duquesnoy (Le Noize Maker), after successfully working together for a number of live shows in Lille (see if you can find the Lille Live Album). The project was a feat of communication, while I was living in Pyongyang, North Korea. Basic tracks were captured in single takes, mid-tour in 2012. It was through email exchanges that developments to the tracks unfolded. Raphaelle brought in accomplished French musicians. Olivier Minne and Bastien Loufrani played drums and percussion, and Timothée Couteau added a great deal of cello. Mixes went back and forth for review, comment and changes. In addition to crudely recording my own additional parts, at a distance and emailed to France, I enlisted some friend to contribute. Aidan Moffat spoke and sang, Jordan Geiger sang and manipulated, Beth Orton sang, Sam Amidon fiddled, Luke Drozd spoke, Rachael Dadd breathed clarinet and Ichi provided gentle steel pan, even my brother Daniel provided some guitar parts. Piano parts were played by Minjeong, a fellow resident of the expat compound in North Korea, on her recently acquired upright, tuned by the best piano tuner in Pyongyang.


released February 5, 2016

Amidon, Sam: Violin - recorded in London, UK.
Broughton, Dan: Electric Guitar - recorded in Otley, West Yorkshire, UK.
Couteau, Timothée: Cello - recorded at Le Noize Maker studios, France.
Dadd, Rachael: Clarinet - recorded in Bristol, UK.
Drozd, Luke: Vocal - recorded in London, UK.
Duquesnoy, Raphaëlle: Midi Instruments & Double Bass - recorded at Le Noize Maker studios, France.
Geiger, Jordan: Vocal - recorded in Austin, TX.
Kwon Brunoni, Minjeong: Piano - recorded in Pyongyang, DPRK.
Loufrani, Bastien: Drums - recorded at Le Noize Maker studios, France.
Minne, Olivier: Drums - recorded at Le Noize Maker studios, France.
Moffat, Aidan: Vocal - recorded in Glasgow, UK.
Orton, Beth: Vocal - recorded in London, UK.
Shimasaki, Eiichi: Steel Drum - recorded in Bristol, UK


all rights reserved


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